There Is Quite A Good Deal To See In Eyewear

Styles change just as quickly as shoe styles and the options are almost unlimited. Finding the best pair for the occasion and your personality is not all that difficult as long as you are willing to spend a little time and have quite a bit of fun.

Sport ready

Where the sunglasses excel are for the active person. Each sport has its favourite while golf players have a design put together just for golf. Glare, in the game of golf, is a real pain when tracking the flight of the ball, while peripheral vision is essential for keeping the head down and still while following through. Fashion is always important when it comes to sports glasses, but practicality is still the fundamental part of the game for serious athletes. Polarised lenses are front and centre in this regard. Not letting in damaging rays is important, not only for keeping you at 100% of your game but because real damage can occur if dangerous UV-B rays are consistently bombarding your eyes. If the wearer is always at altitude, this is an even more important feature.

Go active, go prescription

Just because you happen to be blind as a bat does not mean that you cannot look good and see well while having some fun. Prescriptions are now being put into active eyewear for a range of sports. Check out the web for skiing, motor cross, motorcycle riding or swim goggles and face protectors. Any option is available and not particularly expensive if you compare them to the glasses you are now wearing. A pair of Wayfarers on the web can be found for approximately $180 depending upon the prescription and added options like polarisation/scratch resistance and all those sorts of things they offer.

Are they breakable?

Glasses frames of today are a direct beneficiary of technology in many ways. Frames these days are almost indestructible and believe it or not ‘Made in the USA’ by many manufacturers. Of course, the less expensive frames still come from overseas, but the quality specs are best found made by US citizens. Frame welds are top notch, and lenses are ground to tight tolerances. They are your eyes after all and the only pair you will likely get, so it is important to spend wisely on them.

The glare of the spotlight

We see them almost every day, the cause celebrity plying their look on the red carpet. Add in some photographers or just a quick stop at a charity high sun outdoor event and the need for sunglasses is a must. DNKY is a favourite of many celebrities on this circuit while Bolle also makes a splash. Depending on who you are and what your particular claim to fame happens to be, big “Jackie O” type sunglasses are in for the fashionistas while slimmed down action wear works the best for the hunky actor on the scene.

Studious eyewear

Who knew that looking smart was the “in” fashion statement these days. Wearing the correct pair of glasses, to achieve that “smart look” works well with just about any outfit and gives you the ability to go for an entirely new set of looks. Clear wireless frames work well in this regard just as much as those “nerdy” looking glasses frames seen in all the movies stereotyping smart people. These frames, however, are a bit more stylised with a more boxed frame then the everyday look you may currently be thinking about. Narrower is also a vital part of going for this particular look.

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