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Our collection of products is 100% authentic, no cheaply made knock-offs or counterfeit products. We buy direct from the manufacturer to ensure high quality standards for all our clients.

People of all ages wear contact lenses, including the elderly, thanks to bifocal and multifocal lenses and normal contact lenses in case of monovision adaptation. Although the eyes suffer a greater dryness with the age, the materials used in the lenses of new generation make that at the moment it is much more comfortable to wear the lenses all day.

Never wear contact lenses or share your lenses with another person. Contact lenses are a health product and have been specially adapted by your eye care professional for the specific needs of your eyesight and the specific size of your eyes.

Usually the eyes do not need to rest from contact lenses. Unless your eye care professional tells you otherwise, you can wear contact lenses every day. Today, contact lenses are made from the most advanced silicone hydrogel materials which provide much more oxygen to the eyes than traditional soft lenses. The more oxygen your eyes receive, the healthier and fresher they will be.

Some contact lenses can also be worn for sleeping. However, the risk of experiencing certain eye problems is greatest if they wear contact lenses at night. If you are interested, ask us if it is suitable for you to sleep with the lenses on.

Forget the worry and hassle of losing or breaking your glasses
Greater freedom to carry out your favorite sports activities
Use the sunglasses you prefer without needing to choose a frame suitable for the type of glasses you need
No glare in night driving
Greater field of view

Yes, you can finance your glasses completely free of charge, up to 12 months without interest for qualified purchases.

If you are not comfortable with your new frame or the model does not suit you, you may replace the frame with another of an equal value. If it is due to a problem of an adjustment of the frame, make arrangements to come in and we will adjust them for you as many times as it is needed to ensure a comfortable fit.

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